Benefits of WaterJet Flosser

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WaterJet Flossers Significantly Reduce Plaque Biofilm, Gingivitis, and Bleeding for Patients with Diabetes

Oral irrigation is effective adjunctive therapy for patients suffering from Diabetes.

WaterJet Flossers: 51% More Effective than String Floss for Reducing Gingivitis

Oral irrigation is an effective alternative to manual tooth brushing and dental floss for reducing bleeding, gingival inflammation, and plaque removal on the facial surfaces.

WaterJet Flosser: Twice as Effective as String Floss for Reducing Gingival Bleeding

When combined with manual toothbrushing the daily use of an oral irrigator, either with prototype or standard jet tip, is significantly more effective in reducing gingival bleeding scores than is the use of dental floss

The WaterJet Flosser is more effective for implant maintenance than String Floss

The water flosser group had statistically significantly greater bleeding reduction than the string floss.

The WaterJet Flosser is 3X as Effective as String Floss for Orthodontic Patients

A Dental WaterJet with a specialized orthodontic jet tip is effective for adolescents in fixed orthodontic appliances; it demonstrated beneficial results for the reduction of plaque and bleeding.

The WaterJet Flosser: An Effective Alternative to Subgingival Antibiotic Treatment for Periodontal Maintenance Patients

Periodontal Maintenance Following Scaling and Root Planing, Comparing Minocycline Treatment to Daily Oral Irrigation with Water

The WaterJet Flosser: Efficient for treatment of periodontal pocket up to 6 mm

Ultrastructural examination of human periodontal pockets following the use of an oral irrigation device in vivo.

The WaterJet Flosser is effective for removing Biofilm and Plaque

Quantitative evaluation of the oral biofilm-removing capacity of a dental water jet using an electron-probe microanalyzer

Benefits of WaterJet Flosser