Water Flosser versus Dental Floss

Flossing is very important to maintain good dental hygiene, but, which is the better way to do it-

Water Flosser or Dental Floss?

Both alternatives have been proven to aid in maintaining oral hygiene by removing plaque, removing stuck food, preventing cavities, preventing gingivitis, cleaning the space between your teeth and gums. Water Flosser and dental floss benefits mostly depend up on the person and the anatomy of mouth. For patients who are doing flossing correctly and effectively, they should continue to do so. However, some patients have a hard time with floss or they just refuse to floss altogether. For patients who have dental appliances such as braces, or bridges or they have gum disease, they can benefit more from Water Flosser. Water Flosser actually has a pulsating water stream that allows biofilm to be removed from the teeth. For patients who refuse to floss, dentists recommend Water Flosser because the compliance is much better.

But, as per several studies done by the American Dental Hygienists Association, Water Flosser is found to be more effective at removing plaque biofilm than string floss or air floss.

Water Flosser is also more effective than string floss in the way that it irrigates pockets and plaque between the sides of teeth and deep beneath the gums, because it flush out bacteria without causing bleeding in gums.

In a test group, combined use of a Water Flosser with tooth brushing was as effective in removing plaque and significantly better at reducing bleeding and gingivitis when compared to string flossing and tooth brushing.”

For patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, who wear fixed braces, conventional dental flossing is extremely troublesome, there is a rapid fall seen in flossing among patients with braces. Trying to access floss between each tooth and also cleaning around each wire and bracket is an annoying difficult task. The Water Flosser on the other hand, is convenient to clean between teeth, gums and even in the surroundings of braces.

Surveys also show that people receive pleasure using Water Flosser and are afraid of using dental floss. They hate the discomfort in fingers and gums, the bleeding, or adapting their jaws and hands that flossing requires.

Therefore, the water flosser is absolutely the winner. Economical value of string floss doesn’t affect people much, if they find it hard to use. So, if improving your flossing technology to a latest more convenient technology, water flossing, is enough to convince you to clean your teeth more often, it would be worth using a Water Flosser.